• 1000 til England

    A 1000 years ago the English brought the Gospel to norway. Next summer is payback time! Mission Adventure Norway will send 1000 teenagers to say thank you and return the favor during the Summer Olympic Games in England. From Borgen we join the 4 days of training camp in Stavern before we all go to Newcastle England for outreach on 16th of July 2012!

  • Jesus and cultures

    Jesus had an amazing ability to meet people at their level - also in engaging with people from diffrent cultures. One example is the woman at the well i Samaria. In today's Language you can say Jesus had a high "Cultural intelligence".


    YWAM Norway invites you to a national staff training seminar @ Borgen to be inspired, equipped and get a biblical understanding of how to create a culture of honoring and valuing other people in your area of work, your home and in your daily life wherever you are.

  • Welcome to YWAM 50th celebration

    This is a gathering for all YWAM staff and students to honor God for the way He has led us these past years and to look into the future with His vision!

  • The Highway Conference 2009 *One Heart*

    Dinamic, inspirational YOUTH conference for all who want to spend new years as it should be, worshiping him with one heart.

  • Nations 2 Nations

    Join us for celebration time friday and saturday nights, October 2nd and 3rd, with the diverse ethnic expressions of praise and genuine fellowship and inspiration.

  • Vince Esterman

    Welcome to join our lunch table with an international and spiritual focus with Vince Esterman!