YWAM Norway invites you to a national staff training seminar @ Borgen to be inspired, equipped and get a biblical understanding of how to create a culture of honoring and valuing other people in your area of work, your home and in your daily life wherever you are.

  • Welcome to YWAM 50th celebration

    This is a gathering for all YWAM staff and students to honor God for the way He has led us these past years and to look into the future with His vision!

  • The Highway Conference 2009 *One Heart*

    Dinamic, inspirational YOUTH conference for all who want to spend new years as it should be, worshiping him with one heart.

  • Nations 2 Nations

    Join us for celebration time friday and saturday nights, October 2nd and 3rd, with the diverse ethnic expressions of praise and genuine fellowship and inspiration.

  • Vince Esterman

    Welcome to join our lunch table with an international and spiritual focus with Vince Esterman!