Nature and Character of God

My name is Ellinor Nylund. I am 19 years old and from Finland. I´m a DTS-student in the justice track.

This week´s topic has been about nature and character of God. Richard Leakey from the dts in Burtigny in Switzerland is the teacher for this week. We have discussed about who God is to us personally. Do I actually mean what I pray to Him? Do I really mean what I´m singing in worship? How to hear God´s voice. We have talked about some really interesting questions, and the more we talked about things, the more I realised I have a really messed up image of who God is to me.

Personally, this week has been an eye-opening for me. I’ve realized that I honestly don’t know who God is. According to me, He has only been this person who is really far away and I’ve only prayed to Him when I needed something. Then I also realized that I don’t know who I am. The person I want to be is unfortunately not the same person I actually am. That is a tough thing to come to the conclusion to.

I want to share a short story with you that happend to me this week. The background story is that I don’t feel that I am good at praying, and I have a really hard time to hear God´s voice. I was talking about this to Richard, and he suggested that we would pray and practice to hear God´s voice. I got scared just by the thought of doing it, but we did do it. And do you know what? God spoke to me! I have had this idea that God have to speak in some really complicated way and show me this big vision about my whole life. He didn’t. Because God knows me that well that He wouldn’t do that when He knows I’m not ready for it yet. What He told me was so simple, so easy that not even I could miss it. The beautiful words He told me was “I love you”. I am so amazed by how well God knows me. He knew that this was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Right now.

So here I am, one week later. I don’t know who God is. I do not know who I am. But one thing do I know for sure, and that is the fact that God speaks to me and He loves me. God loves me!! Amazing. It really has been a life changing week. Thank you for reading!


YWAM Borgen DTS Student