• Bulgaria

    In Bulgaria we are a small tream from Youth With a Mission. In our team in Hissar we have one Bulgarian, two Americans and myself from Norway. In Sliven we have two gypsy families doing ministry. In addition to that there are several individuals working at other locations.

  • Greenland

    YWAM Borgen have been active in eastern Greenland since 2005. Our former DTS leader spent time in prayer in the fall of 2004 and asked God where the DTS should have their outreach. To her surprise she felt that God gave her an inner image of an old norse travel route; from Norway via Island to Greenland.

  • Russia

    Borgen has worked in northwest Russia since 1979. Back then we helped persecuted Christians in the Kola peninsula with Bibles, Christian literature and economic support to Christian families in need. When the Soviet Union dissolved we partnered in planting churches in this area. We trained Russian youth who took DTS both in Murmansk and at Borgen.