The bible to all homes!

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The Bible to all households in Finnmark!Bibelen Til Alle Finnmark

No book has influenced nations, cultures, families and people more than the bible. This is why it is our goal to give a Bible to every household in Finnmark in 2014. Our vision is to touch the whole of Norway with the Word of God by 2017, which marks the 500 year anniversary of the reformation. That was when the Word of God came to many of the homes of Europe for the first time and laid the foundation for centuries of Christian values.

What if every household were given a Bible, personally handed over by a friend, a missionary or a neighbour?
What if they were invited to a local event, which would focus on the Bible and its’ relevance in everyday life?

We wish to make the Bible relevant to the people of Norway today. We want everyone to have a Bible and share why it is the World’s most read, translated and appreciated book.In the period 1-19 of October, we will go from door to door in all of Finnmark and give every household an exclusive edition of the Bible, the Word of God. Along with a Bible they will get information about local events, where the Bible will be taught, discussed and read. This will be initiated by local Christians.

The teams going from door to door consist of Christians from all denominations both from Norway and abroad. They will take time to have conversations if wanted as well as establishing contact with the local churches.

In addition, we also give every household an ”Øystein cd” – a fun cd for kids with a Christian content.

Before the teams arrive, every household will have twice received information about the visit in the mailbox,  maybe read about it in the newspaper, heard about it on the radio or seen it on tv.

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