Worldview Seminars

Event details

  • May 25, 2015
  • +47 777 14562
  • 2000 NOK Price

Deborah og Udo Middelmann «Who is man, and what must he do?» 25.-29.mai

To understand different views of anthropology and the basis and consequences thereof, resulting in different ethical systems and telos for society/mankind/history.

Steinar Thorvaldsen «Science and Christian faith» 1.-5.juni

To understand the rise and development of science and how it relates to Christian faith.

Jeff Fountain «Living as people of hope» 22.-26.juni

Coming to a place of not only observing what is happening in the world and how we got here, but also gain understanding of how we are to live today as Christians and how to bring hope.

Price for one week including study material, food and housing (in double room): 2000 NOK

To sign up, send name and address and which week you would like to attend to.