Worldview Seminar


We invite you to a five weeks worldview seminar that will train you to be more aware of your own believes, more considerate and capable in understanding other peoples worldview and of course give you a oversight of the biblical worldview`s answers to some of the most asked questions of our time.

The teaching will be focusing on different aspects of the Biblical worldview, understanding and comparing other worldviews, and how to analyze and understand the worldview and values behind movies, books and articles. We will also train on how to lead discussions and movie analyze workshops.

You are welcome to come to all five weeks or just attend for one or a selection of weeks. The teaching will be in form of lectures, interactive workshops and good conversations around meal times. For Udo and Deborah Middelmans weeks, we will have a three course meal with long conversations in the evenings.

Here is the calendar:

23rd-27th of May "introduction to worldview" with Brenda Lee
May30th-June 3rd "Media workshop" with Brenda Lee
6th-10th of June "Where do we come from and how do we know?" (Ontology and Epistemology) with Udo Middelmann
13th-17th of June "Who is man and what must he do?" (Anthropology, Axiology and Teleology) with Udo Middelmann
20th-24rth June "Three theories of everything - understanding and comparing different worldviews" with Ellis Potter

Price for one week included food and housing in shared room: 2000 NOK

Price for all five weeks included food and housing in shared room: 8500 NOK

Please let us know that you are interested in coming as early as possible to help us plan the food and lectures well.

Contact us for more information or to sign up at: