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  • Kay-Morten Aarskog

    Base leader

    Kay-Morten is the current base leader at Borgen as well as leading the DTS. Kay did his DTS in 2003 at Eintrøa and has also completed School of Biblical Studies, Leadership Training School and Family Ministries School. He is committed to evangelize, disciple and release generations of young people in the north to live with Jesus in all areas of society at home and as missionaries in Europe.

  • Leif Braathen

    Base Staff

    He started YWAM-Borgen in North Norway together with his wife, Hanne. They have also been involved with starting YWAM-Bulgaria and YWAM in North-West Russia. Leif is travelling all over the world teaching the Word of God. He is teaching in many of YWAM´s schools. Leif has Youth, evangelism and mission on his heart.

  • Terje & Eva Konradsen

    Terje is the chairman of YWAM Northern Europe, and Eva is a consultant and a great resource both locally and internationally. Together they have worked for more than 30 years in YWAM, gaining experience from pioneering a YWAM base, leading DTS`s, marriage weekends, mentoring leaders, national personnel leaders etc.

  • Håvard Gjerseth

    Base staff

    Håvard came as a first DTS student here in Borgen and has stayed here since. He loves the Holy Spirit and has been preaching and leading worship all over Arctic. He will also teach on it in the DTS. He has a heart for North.

  • Hanne Eliassen

    Base staff

    Here at the base she is in charge of the follow up of the missionaries we have sent out from Borgen. She is involved in prayerwork; - both locally and nationally. She teaches about intercession in different schools of YWAM. The North has a big place in her heart, and she travels regularly to places in the North of Norway, as well as to the East coast of Greenland.

  • Claire

    Base Staff

    My Name is Claire. I am Scottish, moving here to Borgen from the Highlands of Scotland. I did my DTS in Family Ministries New Zealand in 2008 and then Family Ministries School in 2010, I staffed and taught on both schools. I was a Prison Chaplain in New Zealand whilst staffing with YWAM Family Ministries in Crystal Springs. I am a qualified nurse amongst other things. I have a big heart for intercession and worship and simple love to see people restored and growing in faith and maturity.
    At Borgen, I am personnel leader, and I travel in the North and to the nations teaching and ministering to people.

  • Ole Andre

    Base Staff

    Ole Andre is the financial secretary here at Borgen. He is a father of three beautiful daughters. He loves to watch soccer, drink coffee and knows almost everyone in the village.

  • Agnete Haraune

    DTS Leader

    Agnete Haraune is the Justice DTS leader here at Borgen. She comes from Sommarøy outside of Tromsø. She took her DTS at Skjærgårdsheimen in the south of Norway and staffed the DTS there for two years before coming to Borgen. She loves to be outside in nature and has a heart to see young people walk closer with God.

  • Eirik Amundsen

    Mission Adventures leader and part of the Youth Team

    Eirik is DTS staff here at Borgen. He is from Vennesla south in Norway. He took the DTS at Skjærgårdsheimen and was base staff there for one year. He has a big heart for youth to come closer to God.

  • Guro Ringstad

    Base Staff

    Guro comes from Molde in Norway and took her DTS at Grimerud Norway in 2012. She staffed the DTS there for two years before coming here to Borgen. Guro likes to go for walks in the nature, read books and plays the ukulele. Right now she is working with refugees, administration and practical work on the base.

  • Dani

    Base staff

    Dani is from the rainy state of Washington, USA. She has a dual-degree in International Studies, and Comparative Religion from the University of Washington. Go Dawgs! She grew up in the country, loves adventure, and all things outdoors. She came to Norway to do the Justice DTS here at Borgen and it captured her heart, now she is back and staffing the Justice DTS! Dani believes that God has placed a special passion in her heart for justice and His creation. She feels that she has been called back to learn more and mentor others as they walk the path of DTS. She thinks Borgen is an amazing place to throw off your worldly cares, and really discover who the Father is and become grounded in who He says you are. She is not so patiently waiting to see what God has in store for her and is excited for the opportunity to serve Him.

  • Courtney Ware

    DTS Staff

    "Courtney is from sunny Oceanside, California USA. She has a degree in fine arts and technical theatre and loves all things fun, adventurous and a little silly. She came to Norway to do her School of Biblical Worldview and she was so inspired by what she learned that she decided to come back to staff! She is now an active member of the Base Leadership team, Justice DTS and the SBCW. She feels God has called her here to continue growing her in many areas outside of her comfort zone. Is there a better place to experience vulnerability and intimacy with God than YWAM Borgen!?"

    Other facts:
    Loves oceanspray cranberry juice, sunsets, and movies
    DTS: Townsville, AUS 2013
    BCC: Lausanne, Switzerland 2014
    Coordinates involvement with Justice Water for Borgen

  • Isaac Mendita

    DTS Staff

    I was born in the Northern Mountains of the Philippines where it is full of trees, snakes, and spiders. I grew up in Baguio City until I was 12 years old then moved to the concrete jungle of Toronto, Canada in 2005 and have lived there for 11 years. I enjoy many things, nothing in specific. I love to build relationships with people and share the Gospel of Christ to those who have not heard. I am also passionate about justice issues that are happening all over the world but especially in my own community. I have completed my secondary education in Hospitality and Tourism but hope to become a lawyer one day!