What is a DTS?

The Discipleship Training School seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God`s purpose for the world. It is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective. The course is a full-time program and lasts seven months. It consists of two parts: lecture phase and outreach phase.

Phase 1.

The lecture phase

Start out with 12 weeks of focused, intensive discipleship training. You and your classmates will explore a range of topics, guided by experienced local and international teachers and missionaries. Every week will address areas related to following Jesus in life and character, personal relationship with God and missions.

Learning experience

As YWAM, our approach to training is to build a “live-learn” environment recognizing that learning and growth don’t just take place through lectures in a classroom, but also through serving, living in community, one-on-one discipleship, small group discussions and more.

Essential elements of your DTS lecture phase experience include:


We love meeting with God together! You’ll have regular times of worship with your DTS class, as well as with the YWAM Borgen community.

Prayer & Intercesssion

Connect with God’s heart and intentions for situations, nations, people groups and more as you and your DTS regularly pray and seek Him together.

One-on-one Discipleship

Regular times to meet with a DTS staff member, giving you opportunity to further process what God is doing, receive prayer and more.

Work Duties

Everyone, staff and student, lends a hand to keep our community functioning. This could include serving in the kitchen, working on property upkeep, wherever there is need and wherever your skills fit.

International community

YWAM Borgen is an international community of people from several generations and backgrounds who are committed to Christ, fulfilling the Great Commission and to each other.

Small Groups

You’ll have set-aside times to meet with a smaller group from your DTS to discuss, process, encourage each other and have fun.

Assignments & Projects

Book reports, bible studies and weekly journals give you more opportunity to process and apply what you are learning

Reaching out

As a community, we are committed to reaching out to the region of northern Norway. This can be through confirmant work, local outreaches or meeting people in the streets of Tromsø.

Phase 2.

The outreach phase

You don’t need to wait to make a difference! Go public with the gospel - share truth and meet needs.

Following three months of lecture phase, your DTS will head off on a three month cross-cultural outreach.

Outreach teams go and serve the lost wherever they are, and share the hope of Christ in many ways: evangelism, discipleship, sports, drama, youth ministry, teaching, music, practical service, prayer, media, healthcare – Our Justice DTS is also committed to engaging in Justice issues throughout the world.

We demonstrate the love of God to people through our lives and through the gifts that He’s given us.

Teams regularly partner with local churches and YWAM ministries to strengthen their ministry and provide for follow up discipleship. Your final week will be spent back at Borgen, de-briefing and being equipped to continue with everything that God has done in your life over the six months.

DTS is Just the Beginning

Once you've finished DTS, you’ve got an open door into further training and ministry within YWAM and UofN both at Borgen and internationally. The opportunities - in YWAM and beyond - are endless. You’ll be amazed at where God can take you! (And we’d love to help you get there).

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