• Borel, Rio de Janeiro - Sunday March 15th 2015

    This is our last newsletter from Rio, and from Brazil. Tomorrow at 6AM we´re heading for Fortaleza again, where we will stay for two more days before we start the long journey back home.

  • March 9, Borel - Rio de Janeiro

    We are now entering our last week of outreach here in Rio, and we are amazed by how quickly the days and weeks have passed since we got here. The weather is still quite hot, but the last days we have had some rain and clouds, which is good…

  • Wednesday Feb 18, 2015 - Borel, Rio de Janeiro

    The days pass by so fast, and we have been in Rio for a week already! It is indeed a beautiful city, sited between green, steep, lush mountains. From the Borel favela where we live, the view is marvelous; the mountains, the skyscrapers and tall buildings near the city centre, and the favelas clinging to the steep hills. We are lucky to be here, and the base has received us in such a friendly way.

  • Oi oi (oi means "hi" in Portuguese)!

    We are now enjoying our last week in Fortaleza, we can't believe how fast time flies... We have been on outreach for a month, already! That is something.

  • JOCUM Fortaleza, Brazil

    It has been quite a few days since the last update, but here we go again. In the week (and a half) that passed, the Brazil team split up in two; Guro and Leah stayed at the base due to Leah’s stomach issues, while Ingunn, Ingunn “Tiger”, Hanna, Eilert and Ida went with Mission Adventure to Salitre, a small community located 10 hours by bus into the wilderness.

  • Hello from Fortaleza, Brazil!

    As a team, we feel united in everything we do. Despite the fact that we are very different people, it is amazing to see how each and one of us can contribute with something unique and valuable to our work here in Brazil.

  • Lots and lots of snow and some low degrees

    The week started with a great lunch w/ our hosts followed by evangelism and connecting with some local youths in a cafe reeking of tobacco. And guess how all our clothes smelled afterwards!

  • Every week is different

    Every week is different; the beginning of the week was very hard for all of us, but the end was quite good...

  • We have seen God`s faithfulness, grace and guidance

    This has been our first week in Hissar, Bulgaria, and our 3 long term workers with team welcomed us in a wonderful way.

  • Ready, set, GO!

    Finally it’s here - the outreach to Bulgaria! Or at least the outreach if not yet to Bulgaria. The first week of the outreach took place mainly in Snarøya, Oslo, where the visas to Bulgaria “forced” us to stay. Although it’s hard to imagine that any of our team members would had been sorry to stay, because we were just more than blessed during the week!

  • 7th week of DTS outreach

    On the last week we were very much engaged with the two different companies among which we started to work already on the week 7.

  • 5 - 6 weeks of DTS outreach

    Wowie!! What a week!! We started out with a fifteen hour bus ride that began in the afternoon and ended in the morning.

  • 2 - 4 weeks of DTS outreach

    This week has been good, getting to know people and making friends. We have all been enjoying the sun and warmth, it is also very humid here.

  • Getting there

    On the morning of the 5th of March we left the worker’s gathering and headed for Gaerdermoen airport. Our flight to Ho Chi Minh was going to be a long one. 27 hours total with 3 connections: Oslo-Amsterdam-Beijing-Ghuangzou and finally Ho Chi Minh.

  • Last days in Hisarya

    Today we were supposed to go to Vulcan, one of the main Gypsy neighborhoods in Dimitrovgrad, to evangelize. We didn’t because it was raining a bit. In Bulgaria, if it isn’t sunny out people don’t go out. Quite a contrast with the evangelization in Minsk, the temperature was around -25 then.

  • Good-bye day

    It already feels that we are leaving soon how sad it would not sound! We are having now the last days in Bulgaria and soon we are leaving for Norway.