• School of Biblical Christian Worldview (UofN SBCW)

    Focusing on the renewal of our thinking for the transformation of our lives and our world. Ideas have consequences.
    (April, 2nd - June, 24th)

  • Heart Focus seminars

    Teaching topics like your world view, self image, experienced rejection and its consequences, how to deal with inner pain and how to build a healthy identity.

  • Worldview Seminar

    We invite you to a five weeks worldview seminar that will train you to be more aware of your own believes, more considerate and capable in understanding other peoples worldview and of course give you a oversight of the biblical worldview`s answers to some of the most asked questions of our time.

  • Personal Prayer Weekend

    We want to welcome you to a weekend with inner healing. It will be relaxing days with good food, worship, teaching about principles for inner healing, personal prayer for those that wants to and a lot of time to rest and spend time with the Lord

  • Justice Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS)

    A Justice DTS gives you all the training and discipleship as any DTS will, but with our focus on justice, we also want to equip you to be able to face the injustice in the world today.

  • Worldview Seminars

    «Who is man, and what must he do?» - 25.-29.Mai | «Science and Christian faith» - 1.-5.June | «Living as people of hope» - 22.-26. June

  • Theophostic Prayer Ministry

    Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Intentional and focused prayer with the desired outcome of an authentic encounter with the presence of Christ, resulting in mind renewal and subsequent transformed life.

  • The bible to all homes!

    What if every home in Finnmark received a Bible, given by friends, neighbors and visitors?

  • Mission Adventures

    It all starts with a four-day training camp at YWAM`s base Borgen at Hatteng. Prepare yourself for a training camp with high tempo, much activities and good fellowship.